Behind the Scenes @ Tiger Lily Crafts

I’m James I do a lot of the behind the scenes work mainly with order picking, taking photos and making coffee. Photos and selfies aren't my thing I'm better suited to behind the camera so this frightening image of me at work on the Tiger Lily Handmade range will have to suffice!

Other than basic sewing such as buttons and patches I never had much need to know a lot about sewing so this has been a bit of a steep learning curve for me, I’ve had to learn a lot of new terms whilst learning about products I never even knew existed. I was a little blown away by the sheer volume and range of items from threads through to binding but as we go on I am doing my best to catch up.

I’m Autistic (Asperger's to be precise, diagnosed at around age 13/14) which is why you generally won’t seem me too much in a customer facing role but you will see my work spread through the site from the product images and the adverts to the handmade spool holders designed and built by me– if anyone who has one has any feedback please do get in touch good or bad I’m really interested to know what you guys think about them! You may also see me later on in some of the sewing demos doing things my (generally against tradition) way. 

Having run my own very different business for a few years I like to try and keep things simple much like the free postage what you see is what you pay nothing more, no free postage limits no complicated weights or sizes to work out. Also although it is only Becky at the helm she does try to keep well on top of replying to emails or enquiries no waiting days for a response.

As the boss may have mentioned I’m a little above average in size so sewing some items for the guys is on the cards with hopefully some attention paid to getting sleeves to fit or trousers the right length and fit. I haven’t had a chance to try any yet but the new Thread Theory patterns we have do pique my interest.


Meet Miep the mini Jack Russell licking machine. She enjoys burrowing into blankets, eating food that isn't hers and giving a reluctant Pip a bath. She was my mother's dog - named after Miep Gies who was one of the brave folk who looked after Anne Frank and her family when they were in hiding in Amsterdam during WW2. 


This is Pip our tripawd black cat (he's missing his front leg - he was adopted from a shelter so we don't know how he lost it but if found please return to Tiger Lily Crafts in Birmingham!) Pip is known for his very un-cat-like repertoire of noises which are far from the standard meow we all expect. He's a grumpy old man (15 years and counting) better fed than the humans in this house!

Coming soon to the Tiger Lily Crafts Blog - dressmaking tips and tricks, building a sustainable wardrobe and much more! 

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