Introducing Botties!

It's been a few months in the planning but we are so pleased to finally introduce Botties™ to Tiger Lily Crafts.

I absolutely love slippers but finding the perfect pair has been impossible! I first stumbled upon Botties™ last year and earmarked them as a future project for when I had a little spare time. The idea fell by the wayside until at the end of 2020 one of my suppliers announced they would be stocking these fantastic products. Serendipity at its finest!

What are Botties?

In short: Handmade Shoes.

Botties manufacture soles and insoles to use as the basis for your own shoes and slippers. Whether you sew, knit, felt or crochet you can create your own unique shoes. Your imagination is the limit!

What makes Botties special?

The soles are made from 100% recyclable, robust materials making them usable both indoors and outdoors. Using TPU plastic ensures a comfortable fit while also being non-slip and waterproof. They can be washed at 60°C.

If your Botties are getting a bit tatty or you want to change it up you can re-use your soles and create a new "topper" to attach.

How does it work?

Choose your size for the soles then either a felt or latex insole. The felt insoles are made using 10mm thick woollen felt allowing feet to breathe in hot weather while supporting your feet.

You can also use your own insoles.

What sizes are available?

Kids sizes from 7 to 2½.

Adult sizes from 3½ to 12.

The variety of sizes means you're sure to find the perfect fit even if you need half sizes!

How do I make my Botties?

We have several free patterns to download along with two Botties Style Books which include a variety of designs to play with. Once you have the basics nailed down you can experiment and create your own patterns and designs!

The soles have pre-punched holes to attach the "topper". Prepare your soles with a "zero round" using either crochet or blanket stitch.

Are they comfortable and supportive?

Botties come with no left and right foot so the soles can adapt to your feet and wear into the shape naturally over time. This makes them super-comfortable and a perfect fit. There's a heel flap on the inside which acts like a shoe horn and makes them easy to put on and take off and prevents the heel from collapsing.

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