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Tiger Lily Sewing Supplies Environmentally Friendly Policy


Tiger Lily Sewing Supplies is committed to implementing eco-friendly policies and minimising the impact the business makes on the environment. To achieve this goal the following measures are currently in place:

  • Using recycled postage bags which can be reused and recycled.
  • All printer paper used is recycled.
  • Where possible boxes are reused to ship larger orders.
  • Cardboard boxes from suppliers and domestic deliveries are cut up and reused for shipping elastic, ribbon and binding.
  • Scrap paper is made into notepads.
  • Deliveries are made once per day to the nearest post office to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Eco-friendly products will be stocked when possible.
  • Tiger Lily Sewing Supplies will only ever stock products which we believe are of a high quality, reusable and durable. We will only stock brands who we stand behind to reduce the need for consumers to repeatedly buy replacement products.
  • As of 20th July 2020 we will be transitioning to the new Gutermann range of recycled polyester Sew-All thread. We have tested this range, sought a range of opinions from customers on the performance of it and found that it lives up to the quality and finish of the standard Sew-All thread while being friendly to the environment.

Suggestions and feedback are always welcome. If you have any tips on reducing waste and being environmentally friendly please share them below or contact us by email:

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