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It's been a good wee while since the blog was updated! There's a few bits and bobs going on so I thought a new post was needed.


There seems to be a delay again with Royal Mail in my area. I'm assuming it's to do with the virus rates in Birmingham increasing again. A few deliveries have taken a bit longer than usual.

Stock Expansion

There's another stock expansion landing next week. I'll be doing a Facebook live as usual to show off the new goodies. We're working on getting some fabrics in again but this might take a little longer. For now our Fiskars and Prym ranges are going to grow and there are a few new knitting bits to add.


I'll be putting a Survey Monkey up soon to ask you all about the customer service and products. It would be great if you have a moment to complete it and let me know your thoughts. There will be a little giveaway incentive in there too.


Things are still rapidly expanding. We can just about keep up with demand for the most popular products which is a great position to be in! Some of the popular lines like Nostalgia Tins are a little difficult to restock at times. The supply lines from Europe are still a bit behind because of the virus. We are buying in whenever it's available but I'm sorry to anyone who's missing out on the restocks - there just aren't enough to keep them in sadly.

Thank you everyone who's keeping us so busy it is just incredible how much support we have received!


Take care everyone and have a lovely September


Becky xx

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