More Odds and Ends!

So I think we can all agree that I am terrible at keeping up with my blogging! It has been incredibly busy the last few weeks which I am so grateful for. We've had hundreds of orders to keep us out of mischief.

Missing Dispatches

The dispatch I made on 1st September after a busy weekend of sock and glove kits flying out seems to have gone missing somewhere in the ether of Royal Mail. I've managed to get most of the missing orders resent or refunded but if you haven't received yours yet please get in touch and I'll sort this for you. 


We've had a big discount sale on the last two weeks to make sure that our stock levels stay lower for the next month or so. My little house has been overrun by business so I'm reclaiming it and moving the business to new premises. This will hopefully make everything run a little smoother behind the scenes. I'll be adding new lines to the sale this weekend so keep your eyes peeled for some more fantastic offers on the way.

Stock Expansion

I've been holding back a big batch of new stock to allow for a launch mid-October of Christmas and other bits. Once everything is sorted out with our new premises I can't wait to share some of the new products with you. Some sneak peeks will be shown on my Facebook page in the coming weeks. I'm always looking for new ideas so if you've any requests please do give me a shout by email or Facebook message.

Facebook Lives

Sorry to everyone who looks forward to my lives on Wednesday evenings. I haven't managed to get online the past few weeks due to being so busy (and a little disaster with my hair not turning out the right colour). I'm hoping to bring these back soon and do more product demos as well as sharing new products. 


As ever thank you to everyone who's keeping things so busy at Tiger Lily Crafts. Every time I think we can't possibly grow more I'm happily proven to be wrong!


Becky xxx

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  • Debi Newbold - Sep 26, 2020

    Now I want to see the hair! I was bright pink for a few weeks as the red didn’t quite work out. Was great fun though.
    Keep up the amazing job you’re doing Becky xxx

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