Tiger Stripes Update

I've just updated our Tiger Stripes scheme to make things easier to access, understand and most importantly benefit from!

How do I access the scheme?

Tap on the "Loyalty Scheme" tab on the bottom right of your screen, on the Help menu or tap here.

On the scheme page you'll be able to sign up to the scheme, check your current balance, find out how to earn and spend your stripes and see your current VIP tier.


How do I earn my stripes?

  • 20 stripes when you open an account on Tiger Lily Crafts (you can do this on the loyalty scheme page)
  • Place an order - earn 3 stripes per £1 spent.
  • 150 stripes on your birthday.
  • 20 stripes for leaving a review - or 25 if you add a picture to your review.
  • 20 stripes when you share us on social media (be sure to use the sharing link on the loyalty scheme page!) 
  • 20 stripes when you follow us on Instagram


What else can I get?

  • Refer a friend - you get a 20% off coupon, they get a 15% off coupon.
  • Become a VIP - all VIP tiers get extra stripes from orders and exclusive newsletters with deals and extra stripes boosters from time to time so you earn more stripes per £ spent!
    • Bronze VIP
      • Spend £50+
      • Get 1.5x stripes per £1 spend
    • Silver VIP
      • Spend £200+
      • Get 2x stripes per £1 spend
    • Gold VIP
      • Spend £350+
      • Get 3x stripes per £1 spend


How do I spend my stripes?

You can exchange stripes for a variety of different vouchers, discounts and gift cards. Options for spending your stripes will vary from time to time with free products and discounts - make sure you're subscribed to our newsletters to hear about our latest loyalty deals!

Spend your stripes by tapping on the "Rewards" tab on the loyalty scheme page here.


How do I check my balance?

Tap on the "History" tab on the loyalty scheme page here. If there's something missing you feel should be showing feel free to get in touch and I'll correct it.

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