Untangling Gütermann's Recycled Thread

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Since 1864 Gütermann have been setting the bar high for sewing thread and show no sign of slowing down with their ever-growing range of thread types. Arguably the most innovative product yet has been their recycled polyester sew-all thread (rPet). First developed nearly a decade ago, we at Tiger Lily Crafts don’t think they get as much credit as they should for this revolutionary, eco-friendly invention.

PET Symbol

What’s in a name?

PET is the short form of Polyethylene Terephthalate (try saying that in a rush!) most commonly known as polyester. It’s widely used for drinks bottles, food packaging and of course clothing. Identifiable by the ‘chasing arrows’ symbol on packaging it is widely recyclable. Uses for recycled PET include bottles, takeaway containers and carpets! You can even find recycled PET in the filling for your coats and other snugglies.

The birth of rPET thread

Using such a vast quantity of PET each year in their unrivalled range of sewing threads made Gütermann realise the impact they have on the environment and the potential good they could do by going green. About ten years ago they released their own recycled polyester thread and have since refined and perfected the creative process to a point where they can now manufacture 186 shades of sew-all polyester and 20 shades of top stitch thread.


Bottle to Thread Diagram

The average PET bottle can be turned into 1km (10 reels) of Sew-All thread or 300m of top stitch thread.


From trash to treasure

Bottles are first given a thorough wash before being shredded into fine flakes and melted down. The spinning process begins using the same market-leading Micro Core Technology (MCT) found in other Gütermann products. This involves wrapping the core threads in a super fine microfilament to retain any loose fuzz and improve the strength and sheen of threads.

Even the green reels used for rPet thread are made from recycled materials!

When you’re done with your thread spools they can be popped into your household recycle bin too.

Uncompromising quality

Gütermann rPet thread can be washed at 95°C, tumble dried on a medium heat and ironed on the hottest setting. It can be used with sewing machine or for hand sewing. It’s also safe to use with non-chlorine bleach.

If it weren’t for the stylish green reels you wouldn’t know the difference between the rPet and standard sew-all threads: it sews and performs just as you’d expect any Gütermann thread to.

So go on – make the change to Gütermann rPet today and join the sustainable sewing revolution at Tiger Lily Crafts!

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