Welcome to The Tales of Teen's Textiles!
Welcome to the Tales of Teen's Textiles!
My Mum passed in November 2021. It's thanks to her that I have such a love for crafts. She dabbled in everything from quilting to cardmaking. Her stash of supplies should surely be eligible for the Guinness Book of Records!
Losing Mum was devastating and it's been a difficult year without her. I would like to share some of the fantastic memories I have while exploring her stash. Thanks to the incredible folks who emailed me earlier in the year, I have some great ideas to make use of her collection.
Through this blog I will share stories, memories and (hopefully) inspiration. So grab a cuppa and come read the Tales of Teen's Textiles...
PS Mum's name was Christina. But to her grandchildren, niece and nephew she was affectionately known as "Teen".

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