20 Stash Busting Ideas!

If you're wanting to enter the Stash Buster 2021 Challenge this month but stuck for ideas here are 20 cool ways to use up your odds and ends stash!



  1. Mix and Match different yarn remnants using one of our Domino knitting patterns. Check them out here!
  2. Crochet a blanket made from Granny squares of different colours and textures.
  3. Add some tassels or pompoms to projects you've already made.
  4. Make some cute pompom toys with some googly eyes - why not put a few pompoms together to create a body and head?
  5. Knit or crochet some handwarmers or mittens.
  6. Make a phone case using a simple rectangle with the edges sewn together.
  7. If you have cotton yarn make some circles to use as face pads.
  8. Use scraps to practice new stitches and techniques in sample squares then stitch them all together to make a funky cushion cover or blanket.
  9. Create your own mug cosy to keep those hot drinks hot during the colder months. Or even make a little handle cover to protect your hands from the heat using buttons!
  10. Use your yarn as stuffing for toys - when you've lots of very small pieces this is a fantastic way of zero waste crafting!

BONUS: Why not buy one of our Amigurumi kits and reuse the pattern with some of your odds and ends? Tap here to check them out!


  1. Applique a pretty picture using small pieces of fabric and adhesive. Top stitch your design with some glittery thread to make it stand out - we have some gorgeous Gütermann metallics here.
  2. Sew some pouches! The possibilites are endless - glasses, phones, lipbalm, keys - anything you need to protect.
  3. Make some beautiful bookmarks as gifts.
  4. Create hair bows and brooches by sewing a large and small rectangle then attaching the smaller loop around the bigger rectangle.
  5. Sew a pet bandana and have the coolest dog in town!
  6. Sew your own Botties - ours are all reduced to clear and who doesn't love a gift of slippers?
  7. Get a rubber door mat and tie some strips of fabric through the loops to make a snuffle mat for dogs. Miep loves snuffling for treats in her mat - I've used different fabrics including waterproof and fleece along with cottons to make it more challenging.
  8. Make your own self-covered buttons from a contrasting fabric to give some oomph to a project.
  9. Add some trim to your kitchen and bath towels using strips of colourful fabric.
  10. Use small squares of fabric to sew your own drinks coasters.

BONUS: June Tailor's Quilt As You Go Pet Placemats are perfect for using up small scraps! I've used some of my Mum's stash for Miep and Pip - they're super quick and easy projects!


Don't forget to send your entries to the Stash Buster 2021 Challenge over to becky@tigerlilycrafts before 31st October! Happy Crafting!

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