Sunday Tips
Not sure where I picked this little gem up from but it's so true. Most sewing machine issues can be solved by giving these three things a quick try.
If this doesn't work then:
  • Make sure the area under the plate is clear of lint using a cotton bud and small brush.
  • Change the brand of thread/needle you're using - I highly recommend sticking to Gutermann and Prym here as these are high quality brands and I've never heard of a sewing machine that didn't love them!
  • Run a few straight and zigzag lines through a scrap of fabric, look at what's going wrong, then google it! Youtube and blogs have some fantastic tips and tricks.

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  • Anne Slee On

    Also clean the race

  • Ali Harris On

    So pleased with my bundle deal of spool holder, threads and snips! Lovely business to buy from. Extremely helpful. I will be using them again.

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