The Clover Hot Hemmer

Spotlight: Clover Hot Hemmer

This week’s spotlight is on Clover’s Hot Hemmer (And Long Hot Hemmer). If you’re looking for the best hot hemmer then I recommend Clover. I’ve seen some horror stories online about cheap imitations. I saw one Facebook post with heartbreaking pictures of a cheap hot hemmer melted onto fabric. With Clover’s hemmer you’ll never have to worry about ruining your hard work. These tools can be used even on the highest heat settings!

Folding Fabric to Measurement Line on a Hot Hemmer

What is a hot hemmer?

In short: a tool that enables you to fold, measure and press hems in one step.

Its non-slip surface grips fabrics while allowing the steam from your iron through. Heat-resistant nylon won’t melt or cause any damage even to delicate fabrics. Save time and effort with this nifty sewing aid – there’s even a long version for skirt and dress hems.

Also known as a hot ruler or ironing ruler.

Ironing seams using a hot hemmer

How to use a hot hemmer

It’s easy to use a hot hemmer: fold your fabric to meet the appropriate line on the ruler then iron in place. Easy hems in a jiffy.

Pressing seams with a hot iron ruler

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