Magnetic Knitter's Necklace Kit

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The perfect gift for knitters.

Knit Pro have combined elegance with innovation in this stunning product that's a game changer for knitting. Jewellery for knitters is a first of its kind and sure to catch on. No more losing cable needles and stitch markers or having them just out of reach when you need them. This kit comes with a magnetic pendant and accessories which attach to it keeping them right where you need them. All in a soft fabric pouch - a real beauty.

For those who love to knit.

Brand: Knit Pro
Contents: 1 x magnetic necklace, 20 x stitch markers, 2.5mm centre scoop cable needles, 3mm "J" hook, 3.5mm double pointed cable needle, fabric pouch.
Weight: 100g
Made in the USA. Patent Pending.
Caution: keep away from sensitive medical devices such as pace makers.

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