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Mystical Lanterns Shawl Crochet Pattern by Janie Crow


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This crochet pattern features stunning, bright colours in four combinations. Each piece is fairly simple to construct. Piecing them together is not for the faint of heart - the design is quite complex but very rewarding!

Skill Level


Tools Required

3.5mm or 4mm crochet hook (depending on tension)

Yarn Needle

2 Bags or containers (non-transparent)

Stitches Used


Slip Stitch

Double Crochet

Treble Crochet

Double Treble Crochet

Yarn Required

This pattern uses a wide assortment of colours so it's recommended you check the requirements when you receive it.

Finished Garment Measurements

158cm (62") at widest point

84cm (33") deep from centre to bottom edge

What Jane Says

"The name of a repeated tessellating design, like the one I have used in this shawl, is called an 'Ogee' pattern in Arabesque design. It took me a few weeks to get the design of these blocks right; initially I came up with loads of really complicated ways to create this motif, but in the end it was so simple - funny how sometimes a design process can take so long and the outcome can be so easy to make! The pattern for the lantern shape motif is based on a Granny Hexagon pattern, but I have made a few changes to come up with the curved design that tessellates.

I have used what I think is a really fun idea in relation to the way this shawl is made. It is an idea credited to my friend Dani, who invented a wonderful way of creating a beautiful unique scarf of her own design a little while ago. The idea is wonderfully simple, yet incredibly effective and great fun to do, so please read on to find out about the surprise technique in this design, which will enable you to produce a truly distinctive and beautiful shawl."

Janie Crow


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Mystical Lanterns Shawl Crochet Pattern by Janie Crow

Mystical Lanterns Shawl Crochet Pattern by Janie Crow