Aquatrick Marker

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Make your mark (and rub it out when done!)

Mark fabrics with the fine nib turquoise marker then erase when done using the water pen. Ideal for areas where precise marking is necessary. This marker makes a fantastic aid for sewing, patchwork, quilting and embroidery. Another fine example of practicality and innovation from Prym. The fine nib on the Trickmarker makes accurate markings a breeze. The water pen can also be used to remove small stains.

Store the pen with the cap downwards to ensure it doesn't dry out. Do not iron over markings - erase them first as heat will make them permanent!

Prym: Practical value for money.

Contains: 1 x Double-ended pen.
Ink Colour: Turqouise
Brand: Prym
Weight: 32g
Made in China.
Do not iron over markings as this will make them permanent. Erase using the water pen or clean water to remove marks. Always test on a spare piece of fabric or inconspicuous area before using. Store upright to prevent drying out.

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